Bringing Christmas to your door

At Christmas Trees Geelong we will supply you with the freshest Christmas tree cut the day its delivered. Our Christmas trees are sourced from various Christmas tree farms to ensure our customers have the widest choice possible at the very best price.

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Real trees vs artificial trees

Give your family the gift of a gorgeous fresh Christmas tree this festive season. There is nothing like the scent and beauty of a live Christmas tree to get your entire family in the spirit of the season. Real trees are a renewable resource; the production of artificial trees uses large quantities of liquid fossil fuel – which is a non renewable resource. A large majority of artificial Christmas trees are made in countries where there are currently very few environmental controls on emissions of noxious gases.

Real trees are a safe, natural product. If burnt an artificial tree will produce noxious gases. Artificial trees will last you a number of years, but will also last the planet Earth an eternity in landfill sites.

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